Devotional items


Dear Sir/Madam

This webshop is not an on-line shop.
You can order the items in the following way.

A) via e-mail: or
Mr Theo van Aalst is treasurer of the “Friends of Dora Visser” Trust.
B) By telephone, after 7 pm (GMT): +31-575-451558
or during the day (GMT) +31-6-83074518

To order the various devotional items:
A) Find what you would like to order.
B) Indicate clearly the quantity.
C) Indicate clearly the code number of the article.
D) A total price will be indicated, not including packing and postage.
E) Depending on weight, the postage costs can vary from €1 to €10.

Packaging costs can also vary, depending on whether an envelope or box is necessary. Upon ordering an indication of costs can be given.